Welcome to the galleries section, where you'll find examples of my photography work, basic pricing info, & my published work.  My resume' is available to those interested in hiring for an upcoming project. If you have questions or need a price quote, feel free to send a note via my contact info. Look forward to doing business with you. 
I am available to travel at my own expense in some instances.  I do travel with my own photography lights & can shoot in your salon, tattoo shop or on location.
Currently an approved photographer for the Naha's (North American Hairstyling Awards),  hairstyle, tattoo & swimwear magazines. Typical payment is tear sheet & byline credit. "tear sheet" means, copy of the page where your photo appears & "byline credit" is your name credited as the model, hair stylist, makeup artist..etc. 
Several of the magazines offer features of multiple pages/photos. The features can range in length from 5-6 pages/photos to 15. I have had a feature of 46 pages as well. They include a biography on you, your company or your designer (whichever is applicable), links to your email and website. Contact me with an email address & telephone number for details.
While being published is never a guarantee, your chances are greatly improved working with a photographer who is approved by the magazine. Images not used by the magazine are available for use on a website, in portfolios & in some advertising, provided I'm given photographer credit.
Many people have inspired me over the years, this is just a few of them; Max Louder 1924-2007, Linda Grout-Mayhew-Cerdeira 1949-2005, and Ceceila Y. Smith 1970-1998.  They should all be happy when I have success and feel very much a part of my accomplishments, regardless if they are directly involved, simply by being a part of my life.  I will always be grateful for their inspiration.
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