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The shop/shed studio is ready for shoots. It's heated/cooled and weather permitting, we'll be doing shoots through the year. Using an area large enough for a small car (IE VW Bug or Mini Cooper). Great for motorcycles. Also have a boudoir/glamour set up. Snapshots are posted on my social media listings. Looking for fit/toned females, shooting swimwear, tattoo, glamour or boudoir, those interested in collaborating, please fill out the form at this link,

Welcome to the galleries section, where you'll find examples of my photography work, basic pricing info, & my published work.  My resume' is available to those interested in hiring for an upcoming project. If you have questions or need a price quote, feel free to send a note via my contact info. Look forward to doing business with you. 

Shooting swimwear, tattoo, glamour and boudoir style images for various magazines on an ongoing basis. Contact me to discuss collaborations. 
Typical payment is tear sheet & byline credit. "tear sheet" means, copy of the page where your photo appears & "byline credit" is your name credited as the model, hair stylist, makeup artist..etc. 
Several of the magazines offer features of multiple pages/photos. The features can range in length from 5-6 pages/photos to 15. They include a biography on you, your company or your designer (whichever is applicable), links to your email and website. Contact me with an email address & telephone number for details.
While being published is never a guarantee, your chances are greatly improved working with a photographer who is approved by the magazine. Images not used by the magazine are available for use on a website, in portfolios & in some advertising, provided I'm given photographer credit.
This slideshow is of images using a rustic shed, which I've used for tattoo, glamour and would use for upcoming boudoir magazine work. I have solved the lack of heat with a portable propane heater, but still suggest models have a robe or long coat handy between shots. I have the option of stuffed animals or liquor bottles as background objects. Either or both can be implemented into a shoot. I have added photos to the slideshow, showing the more updated inventory of stuffed animals. My collection has greatly expanded from the half dozen that I started with!