This is a tentative schedule. I am always open to adjusting it, when possible, to accommodate a work for hire. Paying opportunities do take priority and if I can reschedule "tests" or "spec" work, I will. Just because I have something on my calendar for a date you've chosen, doesn't mean that I won't consider juggling my schedule to fit you in. It can't hurt to ask me. 

Travel Dates subject to change:


Photo shoots through the year, shooting monthly for various swimwear, tattoo and glamour magazines.

Funkini Swimwear catalog style photo shoots for their Amazon page

Tattoo/ink photo shoots for multi page/photo magazine feature.

'60 Caddy shoot and '37 3-window short bus photo shoots

Choppers and bikinis photo shoot 


Through the early part of the year and until the weather warms up outside, I am available to shoot catalog style swimwear at local area indoor pools. This is ONLY in the Tri-Cities (aka Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) area.


Also in the Tri-Cities area, I have permission to use several classic cars, hot rods, rat rods, snowmobiles and a custom restored mini school bus as props in photoshoots. Heated garages/shops/buildings as well. Swimwear, tattoo or glamour style work for multi page/photo magazine features. Contact me to discuss. This work is ongoing and will be shot outdoors when weather permits.

February 2nd Groundhog Day shoot with Ratrod Richardson's custom/restored vehicles. Tri-Cities, Washington.

March 23rd Taneka and Chrissy tattoo shoot at the Sanderson Shack. Tri-Cities, Washington.

April 27th Funkini swimwear catalog shoot. Tri-Cities, Washington.

May 19th Heathen Hauler magazine cover shoot. Ratrod Richardson's Garage Tri-Cities, Washington.

July 13th Choppers and bikinis photo shoot. 

August 1st through October Funkini Swimwear Catalog Shoots scheduling to fit model availability. Contact me to discuss scheduling. 

August 3rd Urock Radio ride in 




Shooting catalog style swimwear throughout the year at local area hotel indoor pools. Check with me on scheduling. Unless otherwise noted, I am available in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) area.

Seattle Washington March 19th afternoon/evening time available.

Tri-Cities, Washington May 20th-with Spokane models.

Tri-Cities, Washington June 9th with Portland (Oregon) model.

Seattle Washington June 12th booked.

Tri-Cities, Washington August 4th with Olympia model.

Now until October 31st, Shooting Halloween themed photoshoots for magazine issue. Tri-Cities, Washington

September 10th to approximately September 24th Unavailable. Resuming normal scheduling on/after the 24th of September.

Mid-October to April 2019-Indoor Pool swimwear photoshoots, from when it gets too cold outside through winter until it warms up in spring 2019. Using hotel indoor pools. Requires advanced scheduling.


I've recently been approved to submit and be published in a (new to me) magazine. The style is like that of Maxim, FHM, Stuff. They offer features in different monthly themes. Upcoming are; Inked babes , School girl, Halloween/lingerie, Stuffed animal/teddy, Christmas/lingerie, Fit mom, Car theme. You're welcome to schedule and shoot in advance of the month that theme is in an issue. You don't need to wait. 

Throughout the year, I am available to shoot at Marriott, Hilton and Springhill Suites hotels in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco & Richland), using their indoor pools for swimwear magazine photoshoots. Contact me for details. 

Tri-Cities Washington-Tattoo and/or Swimwear magazine photoshoot. January 10th 1-3pm **Subject to availability**

Tri-Cities Washington-Swimwear and/or tattoo magazine photoshoot, January 17th 1pm-3pm **Subject to availability**

Tri-Cities Washington-Swimwear and/or tattoo magazine photoshoot February 22nd 1pm-3pm **Subject to availability**

Tri-Cities Washington-Swimwear and/or tattoo magazine photoshoot March 18th 1pm-3pm **Subject to availability**

Tri-Cities Washington - Swimwear photo shoot April 30th 1pm-3pm

Seattle Washington-Swimwear and/or tattoo magazine photoshoot-May 22nd 5pm-8pm. Additionally availability for paid assignments only on May 20th and 21st in the Seattle area.

Tri-Cities Washington "outdoor swimwear/bikini" theme for July issue. Magazine style is like FHM, Maxim or Stuff. Deadline is June 15th. Shoots need to be completed before June 12th.

Tri-Cities Washington "lingerie/intimates" theme for August issue. Magazine style is like FHM, Maxim or Stuff. Deadline is July 15th Shoots need to be completed before July 12th.

Tri-Cities Wasington "Inked babes" theme for September issue. Magazine style is like FHM, Maxim or Stuff. Deadline is August 15th. Shoots need to be completed before August 12th.

Seattle Washington Open for scheduling-Swimwear and/or tattoo magazine photoshoot(s)- September 25th 5pm to sunset (approximately 7pm). 

2016: Throughout the year, I am available to shoot at Marriott, Hilton and Springhill Suites hotels in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco & Richland), using their indoor pools for swimwear magazine photoshoots. Contact me for details. 

2016 March 22nd Seattle Washington (availability 4p-7p),

April 29th Seattle Washington, (Availability 4:30pm -8:15pm/Sunset), I can be available the 30th and May 1st as needed.

July 19th-20th Los Angeles California-L.A. Swim Week for Model Productions and their magazines; Bikini Illustrated, Bikini-Inc USA, Australian Swimsuit Edition...etc.

San Diego California-Open for bookings Dates TBD

Seattle Washington Open for bookings Date TBD 

2015:  Phx, Jan 9-12; Mia Jan, 23-26; L.A. Feb. 6-9; Spokane Feb. 10-19--24-28; NYC Feb 20-23; Sea/VanBC Mar 6-9; Mia, Mar. 20-23; Spokane Mar 1-5, 10-19, 24-Apr 9th; L.A. Apr. 10-13; Spokane Apr 14-23; PDX Apr. 24-27; Sea/VanBC May1-4; Spokane May 5-14, 19-31; Boise May 15-18; Spokane June 1-30; Portland July 10-13; L.A. July 23-26 L.A. Swim Week; Seattle Sept. 23rd; October thru ??? shooting at Marriott, Hilton and Springhill Suites hotels in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco & Richland), using their indoor pools for swimwear magazine photoshoots. Contact me for details.


2014: PHX Jan 11-14; L.A. Jan 25-28; MIA Feb 7-10; SEA/VAN BC Feb 21-24; L.A. Mar 14-17; NYC Mar. 28-31; Sea/Van BC Apr 9-14; Phx Apr 25-28; Mia May 9-12; Sea/Van BC May 21-26; L.A. May 30-Jun 2; NYC Jun 13-16; L.A. Jul 11-14; PDX Jul 25-28; L.A. Aug 8-11; Sea/Van BC Aug 27-Sep 1; NYC Sept. 12-15; Mardon Resort Sept. 16-18; Mia Sept. 26-29; PDX or L.A.? Oct. 10-12; Phx Oct. 24-27; Mia Nov. 7-10; Dec. L.A., 5-8; Sea/Van Dec. 20-23

2013: NYC JAN. 4-7; L.A. JAN. 11-14; PHX JAN 25-28; MIAMI FEB. 8-11; NYC FEB. 22-25; L.A. MAR. 8-11; SEA/VAN BC MAR. 22-25; NYC APR 12-15; TRI-CITIES WA APR 21-25; MIA APR 26-29; L.A. MAY 10-13; PHX MAY 31-June 3; SEA/VAN BC June 14-17; NYC June 28-July 1; Miami July 19-24; L.A. Aug 2-5; NYC Aug 16-19; L.A. Sept. 6-9; NYC Sept. 20-23; SEA/VAN BC, OCT 5-7; Portland OCT 11-13; L.A. Oct.18-21; PHX Nov. 1-4; L.A. Nov 15-18; Sea/Van BC Nov 30-Dec 2; MIA Dec. 13-16;

2012: Miami Jan 14-17; Seattle/Vancouver BC Feb. 3-6; Seattle WA March 7-8; Seattle Mar. 23-26; Seattle April 12-19; Seattle /Vancouver BC April 28-May 12; Seattle/Vancouver BC June 20-25; Maple Valley (Seattle area) June 30-July 2; NYC July 13-16 or Seattle/Van BC, July 12-15 w/Jessicca MM1406671; L.A. July 27-30; Chicago Aug 10-13; Las Vegas Aug. 18 w/Designer Boa-Ba aka Farah MM1324619; Sea Aug. 22; NYC Sept. 7th-10; London UK Sept. 14-18 w/Designer Boa-BA aka Farah MM1324619; Sept. in Seattle, dates/tbd w/Emma Litova MM1960295;  Seattle/Van BC Sept. 19-24; NYC Oct. 5-8; Seattle/Vancouver BC Oct. 12-14 w/designer Marina Pascale MM2562965; Miami Oct. 19-22 w/designer Marina Pascale MM2562965; Phoenix Nov. 2-5; L.A. Nov. 9-12; Kingston Jamaica Nov. 23-26 w/designer Marina Pascale MM2562965; Seattle/Vancouver BC Dec 7-10; Miami Dec. 14-17;

2011: Detroit MI/Windsor/Toronto, On, CAN Oct. 1-4; Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) Oct. 5-13; Seattle/Vancouver BC Oct. 14-17; L.A. Nov 18-21; Seattle WA Dec 8-12;

I am available to travel at my own expense in some instances.  I do travel with my own photography lights & can shoot in your salon, tattoo shop or on location.

Currently an approved photographer with Australian Swimsuit Edition and it's family of magazines including; (It's a) Bikini Girls Life (USA), Hot Girls/Hot Ink (tattoo magazine) and Enchanted Angelz (a glamour magazine in the style of FHM/Maxim). I'm also approved with Total Ink (a tattoo magazine which published bi-monthly and returns from hiatus in will publish again in October). I have shot and submitted for the Naha's (North American Hairstyling Awards), as well. 

Typical payment is tear sheet & byline credit. "tear sheet" means, copy of the page where your photo appears & "byline credit" is your name credited as the model, hair stylist, makeup artist..etc. Contact me with an email address & telephone number for details.

While being published is never a guarantee, your chances are greatly improved working with a photographer who is approved by the magazine.  Images not used by the magazine are available for use on a website, in portfolios & in some advertising, provided I'm given photographer credit.

Many people have inspired me over the years, this is just a few of them; Max Louder 1924-2007, my dad for the work ethic.  Linda Grout-Mayhew-Cerdeira 1949-2005, my sister for teaching me about having a positive attitude. Ceceila Y. Smith 1970-1998 for ignoring what everyone else said and being my friend and Paula S. Hart for giving me that kick in the butt, that I needed.  They should all be happy when I have success and feel very much a part of my accomplishments, regardless if they are directly involved, simply by being a part of my life.  I will always be grateful for their inspiration.